KPS International DMCC



134-Killometer Supply and Installation of Fiberglass System - NOV FlowlineGulf Keystone Petroleum International LtdongoingKurdistan
2Provision of Site Service Support for NGL Ratawi PlantExterranongoingIraq
3Provision of Leak Testing Services - Call off basis contract for three yearsBP Iraq NVongoingRumaila
4Provision of Oil Flushing Services - Call off basis contract for three yearsBasrah Gas CompanyongoingWest Qurna 1
5Design/Fabrication/Supply of Pressure vesselsChina Petroleum Engg & Construction2019Garraf
6Design/Fabrication/Supply of Chemical Injection SkidTaqa Atrush - Iraq2019Erbil
7Provision of Steam Purging for ValveWood2019West Qurna 1
8Design, Fabrication and Supply Demulsifier Injection PackageDNO Iraq AS2019Erbil
9Design, Fabrication and Supply of Specialty ItemsChina Petroleum Engg & Construction2019Garraf
10Design, Fabrication and Supply of Effleunt Water Injection PumpExxonMobil Iraq2019West Qurna 1
11Design/Fabrication/Supply of 18 no's Air ReceiversBP Iraq NV2018Rumaila
12Design/Fabrication/Supply of Collection VesselsBP Iraq NV2018Rumaila
13Design, Fabrication and Supply of Antifoam Skid PackageDNO Iraq AS2018Erbil
14Design, Fabrication and Supply of Effluent Water Disposal Lift Pump ExxonMobil Iraq2018West Qurna 1
15Design, Fabrication and Supply of Effluent Water Injection PumpExxonMobil Iraq2018West Qurna 1
16Design, Fabrication and Supply of Dewatering Pump for Crude TankExxonMobil Iraq2018West Qurna 1
17Supply of Skilled ManpowerExterran2018West Qurna 1
18Design/Fabrication/Supply of PSN 35 CRUDE TANK BOTTOM RECYCLE - Y-Type StrainerExxonMobil Iraq2018West Qurna 1
19Design and Supply of Basket StrainerKuwait Energy Iraq Limited2018Siba
20Design, Fabrication & Supply of Fuel Knockout DrumExxonMobil Iraq2018West Qurna 1
21Provision of Nitrogen Purging ServicesENKA 2018West Qurna 1
22Design/Fabrication/Supply of Lift PumpsExxonMobil Iraq Iraq2017West Qurna 1
23Design/Fabrication/Supply of Effluent Water Injection PumpsExxonMobil Iraq Iraq2017West Qurna 1
24Provision of Grooving Services of PipelineChina Petroleum Engg & Construction2017Garraf
25Design/Fabrication/Supply of Chemical Injection PackagesExxonMobil Iraq2017West Qurna 1
26Commissioning Services for Clean Agent Fire Suppression SystemChina Petroleum Engg & Construction2017Garraf
27Design/Fabrication/Supply of Structural Steel and CladdingExxonMobil Iraq2017West Qurna 1
28Design/Install/Commission of Mobile Porta Cabin OfficesWood2016West Qurna 1
29Inspection Services of Plastic Coated TubingBP Iraq NV2016Rumaila
30Design, Supply, Install and Training of PVT SystemsEni Iraq BV2016Zubair Oil Field
31Repair Works of Chiller & HVAC UnitsWood2016West Qurna 1
32Commissioning and Startup of Solar Turbine Power Generation SystemsWood2015West Qurna 1
33Design/Fabrication of Cement SilosMidland Oil Company (MDOC)2014baghdad
34Design/Fabrication of Pig Launching and Receiving TrapsSouth Oil Company2014Iraq
35EPC Project : 150 MMSCFD Gas Compressor StationNorth Oil Company2013Ajeel
36Civil Works for Acid PlantHalliburton Iraq2013Basra
37Design and Fabrication of Cementing UnitsMissan Oil Company2013Iraq
38Repair of Daniel Compact ProverSouth Oil Company2013Iraq
39Siemens Produced Water Contract ServicesNorth Oil Company2013Kirkuk
40Supply, Install and commissioning of Ultrasonic Flow MetersBP Iraq NV2013Rumaila
41Skilled & Unskilled Labor BIAPUnited Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq2013Iraq
42EPC Project: 3 x 50 MMSCFD Gas Compressor StationNorth Oil Company2012Bai hasan
43Installation of 32 Km of Non-Metallic FlowlinesGulf Keystone Petroleum (GKP)2012Erbil
44Design and Fabrication of Structural Steel (460 ton)BP Iraq NV2012Rumaila
45 Design and Fabrication of Special Steel ClampsEni Iraq BV2012Zubair Oil Field
46Labor Services Central North IraqKBR Government, Defense & Infrastructur2012Iraq
47Bussing Service for 300 Local NationalsHalliburton Iraq2012Basra
48Design, Supply, Install and Training for Corrosion Monitoring SystemSouth Oil Company2012Basra
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