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KPS International is a specialized field service company in Iraq. Backed by a team of certified engineers and technicians who collectively hold a wealth of experience, we aim to provide value-added engineering services. Being well-equipped with sophisticated design and engineering tools, we leverage our strong local footprints and offer a wide range of field services that are completely integrated and cost-effective. In addition to our calibration laboratory in Iraq, our capabilities include mechanical, electrical and instrumentation services that are reliable, robust, and of the highest standards levels. Before performing any field operation, our skilled team ensures competence assessment, safety training, PPE availability, government approvals, transportation, and insurance arrangements.

Our team has been able to establish a flourishing and self-sustaining business climate in Iraq thanks to a strong geographical and cultural connection. We aim for excellence in the following services in addition to being rated among the best testing and inspection companies in Iraq.

  • Valve Repairs
  • Equipment Repairs and Maintenance
  • Calibration Laboratory and Measurement Services
  • Technical Manpower Supplier
  • Testing and Inspection Services
  • Erection and Commissioning
  • Crane Inspection Service
  • Electrical and Instrumentation Service
  • Pigging Service

To learn more about our diverse range of field services in Iraq, feel free to reach out to our experts.

Our Service Inclusions

Equipment Installation and Integration

KPS International is well equipped with the right tools and equipment to complete the equipment installation and integration within the stipulated timeframe. From installing electrical power and control wiring to integrating pneumatic equipment for your machine, we cover a wide range of equipment installation and integration services in Iraq.

Asset Integrity Services

As a leading asset integrity service provider in Iraq, we help improve equipment reliability, safety, and asset protection while simultaneously optimizing performance. In addition, we also help with testing and inspection and facilitate the obstacles encountered by the oil and gas industry, nuclear industry and power generation industry, among others.

Skilled and Unskilled Manpower Supply

With an accomplished team and extensive experience as a technical manpower supplier, we take pride in possessing both skilled and unskilled workforce to suit varied organization’s requirements. Be it crane inspection, testing and inspection services or pigging service in Iraq, they are adept at handling various tasks. We presently serve a wide range of clients from many fields, including construction, oil & gas, electrical, mechanics, heavy equipment, and more.

Commissioning and Startup Work

As an experienced commissioning company in Iraq, KPS International understands the challenges that accompany commissioning and startup for any project. Hence, our team consults closely with each client to determine their specific needs and concerns. It allows us to design tailor-made solutions to meet those requirements.

Material Handling

Widely used across industries such as manufacturing and logistics, material handling entails the movement of equipment between sites. With our material handling service, organizations benefit from enhanced customer service thanks to reduced inventory, prompt delivery, and significantly lower operating costs.

Calibration and Re-Certifications

Our calibration and re-certification process entails verifying whether the specific industrial equipment is performing within its stated specifications. If not, our experts will inspect it at our calibration laboratory. They are well-trained and equipped to deliver impeccable results for both new and existing equipment.

Valve Management

Valve management entails gathering critical data while assessing the valve’s mechanical condition and operational reliability. As a specialized valve repair company in Iraq, we offer consultants with unrivaled expertise and knowledge who understand the specific requirements and issues and effectively manage the valve’s service.

Equipment Repair, Refurbishment, and Retrofit

We provide repair and maintenance services for your equipment. Our team is capable of handling your particular project requirements, whether it’s adding a new part to your existing equipment to meet new standards, for safety reasons, or for refurbishment. Aside from routine maintenance and safety inspection, we also offer to repair the entire equipment or specific parts.

Operation and Contracts Maintenance

Through our operation and contracts maintenance service, we ensure to allocate all the obligations and responsibilities to operate and maintain the project. It entails a payment mechanism, overall expenses, changes in the law, and other factors that require adjustment to the payment provision.


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