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KPS International, headquartered in Basra, is a leading PSV and control valve company in Iraq. In collaboration with global manufacturers and regional stockiest, we are able to provide high-quality products to meet the standards and specifications of the oil and gas industries as well as the unique requirements of our customers. With a significant stint in the industry, serving clientele stretching across industries such as construction, oil and gas, agriculture, and more, we take pride in being a major industrial equipment supplier in Iraq. Whether you require pressure relief valves or pressure safety valves, our expansive inventory covers a wide range of products.

Over the years, we have grown from humble beginnings to becoming the leading industrial valve supplier. We take pride in strengthening our position as market leaders thanks to our team’s in-depth understanding and ability to work seamlessly and provide solutions that surpass client’s expectations. Ranked as the leading industrial valve supplier in Iraq, we have successfully supplied high-quality to products as per the unique requirements of our customers and they are as follows:

  • Line Pipes
  • Commodity Valves
  • Specialized Valves
  • Fittings and Flanges
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Instrumentation Equipment
  • Safety Equipment and Plant Machinery

To learn more or to avail of our service, get in touch with us today. Our experienced suppliers are more than glad to cater to your specific valve requirements.

Our Product Catalogue

Line Pipes

Widely used to transport materials through pipelines across the country, our line pipes are both durable and ensure to meet the highest levels of standards and specifications. We offer line pipes in a range of sizes, lengths, diameters, and grades to meet even the most unique requirements efficiently.

Specialized Valves

As a premium valve supplier in Iraq, we offer high-performance specialized valves suited to the oil and gas, petrochemical, fine chemical, and power generator industries. Their primary purpose is to safeguard the process plant equipment and ensure it operates under safe and optimal conditions.

Commodity Valves

As a premier valve supplier in Iraq, our expansive inventory also features lesser-known valves such as commodity valves. It is a temporary solution for those who don’t require valves for the long term. We will first consult with you to understand your requirements and procure solutions to meet your unique needs.

Electrical Equipment

We’re amongst the leading electrical equipment suppliers in the region, offering the most innovative solutions based on the latest trends and our clientele’s individual specifications. Our range includes electric wire and cables, distribution boxes, switches, accessories, and more.

Fittings and Flanges

Apart from valves and line pipes, our expansive inventory also includes fittings and flanges designed to the highest industry standards. These include long weld neck flanges, forged steel fittings, lap joint flanges, and blind flanges, among others, available in a range of materials to suit various needs.

Instrumentation Equipment

Our instrumentation equipment features a range of high-quality products that help maintain safety, ensure effective control of the machinery’s process and longevity. Manufactured in highly specialized materials, our products are able to withstand highly toxic and inflammable mediums.

Safety Equipment and Plant Machinery

We understand the safety concerns of organizations whose employees work in hazardous conditions. Hence, we bring you a wide range of safety equipment to ensure complete safety. We also supply plant machinery which refers to a broad range of equipment used in manufacturing, assembly and material handling applications.


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