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KPS International is a well-established project management company operating out of Iraq. We have employed a dynamic team of experienced engineers and trained employees with diverse experience in disciplines relating to construction. They possess the knowledge and expertise across a wide variety of projects and industries. Together we strive to help clients achieve their investment objectives and deliver a project through our efficient and reliable project management services. We support the contract execution throughout the project’s lifecycle and provide effective communication and coordination amongst all the stakeholders. Built upon a robust and discrete set of objectives, in all our project management activities we guarantee optimum results each time.

As one of the most experienced construction project management companies in Iraq, we take pride in covering a wide range of services to meet clients’ various needs and requirements. They include the following:

  • FEED Study
  • Site Surveys
  • Detailed Engineering
  • Execution Planning
  • Risk Assessment
  • Construction Supervision
  • Installation and Commissioning Support
  • Asset Integrity Management
  • Resourcing Strategy

Our Service Inclusions

FEED Study

Short for Front End Engineering Design, FEED study is an essential part of any project’s lifecycle. It will deliver the final concept that needs to be involved in the construction and provide an estimate of the final sanction along with the documentation for the next phase.

Site Surveys

We conduct site surveys to understand and investigate the physical environment. In addition, our team is also able to provide essential information and input on the permitting and consenting process, which includes environmental impact assessment, infrastructure, design, and operation.

Detailed Engineering

Through detailed engineering, we are able to conduct a complete study of a given project prior to its commencement. These studies are a key component for every construction project across oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, mining, energy, and infrastructure sectors.

Execution Planning

Our team conducts execution planning to assure clients that the right aspects for project implementation have been considered. We also ensure the project has been described so that a clear and concise description is present of what needs to be done during each stage.

Risk Assessment

Our team will determine the quantitative and qualitative risk value of each project through risk assessment and will recognize any potential threat. Simply put, risk assessment involves measuring the probability of risk that might turn to reality. Our team will work closely with you to detect these risks and prevent them at an early stage.

Construction Supervision

As one of the reputed construction project management companies in Iraq, our team will facilitate you in on-time project completion and within your stipulated budget, all while meeting the local regulations and quality standards.

Installation and Commissioning Support

With several years of experience and in-depth knowledge, we ensure that your new equipment will be installed properly and commissioned to the latest standards by professionally trained field service engineers in Iraq.

Asset Integrity Management

Short for AIM, through this our team helps prevent any unexpected downtime as well as safety occurrences. Asset integrity management mainly focuses on vessels such as tanks and pipes, which ensures they are fully functional and sustainable.

Resourcing Strategy

Our resourcing strategy involves determining the right resources required for the project. This includes materials, equipment, funding, and other relevant resources needed to complete the project activity.


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