KPS International DMCC



1Supply of E&I Bulk Materials (three years contract)ExxonMobil IraqOn-goingWest Qurna 1
2Supply of Electrical CablesExxonMobil Iraq2020West Qurna 1
3Supply of Electrical Parts & FlowmeterKuwait Energy Iraq Limited2020Siba Oil Field
4Supply of Pressure CalibratorWood2020West Qurna 1
5Supply of Fibre Optic EquipmentBP Iraq NV2020Rumaila - Iraq
6Supply of Injection Quills, Air Compressor & Dosing PumpDNO Iraq AS2020Kurdistan
7Supply of Solenoid Valve & Pressure GuagesExxonMobil Iraq2020West Qurna 1
8Supply of Valves & Compressor sparesKuwait Energy Iraq Limited2020Siba Oil Field
9Supply of Instrumentation BulkMari Petroleum Company Ltd2020Pakistan
10Supply of Pressure Control ValvePakistan Petroleum Limited2020Pakistan
11Supply of Bulk Boiler Tubes (finn tubes & plain tubes)Byco Petroleum Pakistan2020Pakistan
12Supply of Pig Launcher / Reciever Fabrication PartsMari Petroleum Company Ltd2020Pakistan
13Supply of Paint and CoatingsPetrofac International Limited2020Majnoon
14Supply of bulk Pipe, Valves & FittingsHunt Oil2020Kurdistan
15Supply of Pig material for pipelineGulf Keystone Petroleum International Ltd2020Kurdistan
16Supply of bulk Steel Structure (65 Tons)Byco Petroleum Pakistan2019Pakistan
17Supply of Check ValvesTaqa Atrush - Kurdistan2019Kurdistan
18Supply of MANUAL Valves (BALL, GATE, GLOBE CHECK)DNO Iraq AS2019Kurdistan
19Supply of Pipe Valve FittingsByco Petroleum Pakistan2019Pakistan
20Supply of Check Valves and Push Fit FlangesBP Iraq NV2019Rumaila
21Supply of Cartridge FilterExxonMobil Iraq2019West Qurna 1
22Supply of HVAC PartsWood2019West Qurna 1
23Supply of bulk Ball ValvesTaqa Atrush - Kurdistan2019Kurdistan
24Supply of Pig ValveTaqa Atrush - Kurdistan2019Kurdistan
25Supply of Injection QuillsDNO Iraq AS2019Kurdistan
26Supply of Gasket & Stud BoltsPolish Oil & Gas Pakistan2019Pakistan
27Supply of Pig SingalerTaqa Atrush - Kurdistan2019Kurdistan
28Supply of Fittings & ValveBP Iraq NV2019Rumaila
29Supply of bulk ValvesBP Iraq NV2019Rumaila
30Supply of Piping Valves & FittingsDNO Iraq AS2019Kurdistan
31Supply of Level IndicatorsPolish Oil & Gas Pakistan2019Pakistan
32Supply of Pump SparesMari Petroleum Company Ltd2019Pakistan
33Supply of Bulk CS & SS Pipes (Total = 3200 tonns)China Petroleum Engg & Construction2019Garraf
34Supply of Insulation Joints & Barred TeesDNO Iraq AS2019Kurdistan
35Supply of Pipe, Valve FittingsDNO Iraq AS2019Kurdistan
36Supply of Instrumentation ItemsPolish Oil & Gas Pakistan2019Pakistan
37Supply of Pipe Valve FittingsByco Petroleum Pakistan2019Pakistan
38Supply of ValvesDNO Iraq AS2019Kurdistan
39Supply of ValveMOL Pakistan Oil & Gas Co.2019Pakistan
40Supply of Mannual Valves (Ball, Gate, Globe)DNO Iraq AS2019Kurdistan
41Supply of Centrifugal Pumps Wood2019West Qurna 1
42Supply of Pressure GaugesExxonMobil Iraq2019West Qurna 1
43Supply of Lifting EquipmentBasrah Gas Company2019Khor Al Zubair
44Supply of Eaton SparesKuwait Energy Iraq Limited2019Siba Oil Field
45Supply of PipesTaq Taq Operating Company Limited2019Kurdistan
46Supply of PVFTaqa Atrush - Kurdistan2019Kurdistan
47Supply of FittingsGulf Keystone Petroleum International Ltd2019Kurdistan
48Supply of ValvesGulf Keystone Petroleum International Ltd2019Kurdistan
49Supply of Fiberspar (FGS) Flowline MaterialGulf Keystone Petroleum International Ltd2019Kurdistan
50Supply of Valves for metering skidPolish Oil & Gas Pakistan2019Pakistan
51Supply of E&I MaterialsWood2019West Qurna 1
52Supply of Injection Pump SparesExxonMobil Iraq2019West Qurna 1
53Supply of Foam Package SparesKuwait Energy Iraq Limited2019Siba Oil Field
54Supply of Well Head Equipment (Valves)Gulf Keystone Petroleum International Ltd2019Kurdistan
55Supply of Pipe & FittingsBP Iraq NV2019Rumaila
56Supply of High Pressure Test PumpExxonMobil Iraq2018West Qurna 1
57Supply of Materials for the Siba CPFKuwait Energy Iraq Limited2018Siba Oil Field
58Supply of CablesWood2018West Qurna 1
59Supply of ICSS SparesExxonMobil Iraq2018West Qurna 1
60Supply of Fire HydrantsBP Iraq NV2018Rumaila
61Supply of Hydraulic WrenchesExxonMobil Iraq2018West Qurna 1
62Supply of Lock Out ToolsKuwait Energy Iraq Limited2018Siba Oil Field
63Supply of Pressure Safety ValvesExxonMobil Iraq2018West Qurna 1
64Supply of PumpKuwait Energy Iraq Limited2018Siba Oil Field
65Supply of Chemicals and Lab InstrumentsWood2018West Qurna 1
66Supply of Siemens Motor Seal ringBP Iraq NV2018Rumaila
67Supply of Junction Boxes & Check ValveHunt Oil2018Kurdistan
68Supply of Electrical and instrumentationExxonMobil Iraq2018West Qurna 1
69Supply of Solenoid ValveHunt Oil2018Kurdistan
70Supply of Foot ValveByco Petroleum Pakistan2018Pakistan
71Supply of FLTV InstrumentsBP Iraq NV2018Rumaila
72Supply of MotorsExxonMobil Iraq2018West Qurna 1
73Supply of Misc FittingsMOL Pakistan Oil & Gas Co.2018Pakistan
74Supply of Solenoid Valve ParkerHunt Oil2018Kurdistan
75Supply of Safety Tools for SIBAKuwait Energy Iraq Limited2018Siba Oil Field
76Supply of Shutdown Valves (ESDV)ExxonMobil Iraq2018West Qurna 1
77Supply of ValvesDNO Iraq AS2018Kurdistan
78Supply of Y-Type StrainerExxonMobil Iraq2018West Qurna 1
79Supply of Tools and accessoriesExterran2018Basra
80Supply of Bulk ValvesDNO Iraq AS2018Kurdistan
81Supply of Pipe Valve FittingsByco Petroleum Pakistan2018Pakistan
83Supply of Pipe and fittingsMOL Pakistan Oil & Gas Co.2018Pakistan
84Supply of ValvesDNO Iraq AS2018Kurdistan
85Design and Supply of Basket StrainerKuwait Energy Iraq Limited2018Siba Oil Field
86Pipes and FittingsBP Iraq NV2018Rumaila
87Supply of RopesByco Petroleum Pakistan2018Pakistan
88Supply Valve Test Bench - Skid mountedPolish Oil & Gas Pakistan2018Pakistan
89Supply of instrumentation SparesExxonMobil Iraq2018West Qurna 1
90Supply of PVFDNO Iraq AS2018Kurdistan
91Supply of CablesPolish Oil & Gas Pakistan2018Pakistan
92Supply of Piping CableExxonMobil Iraq2018West Qurna 1
93Supply of GasketDNO Iraq AS2018Kurdistan
94Supply of Wire Ropes and ShacklesPakistan Petroleum Limited2018Pakistan
95Supply of Valves - Delivery Critical (PR134878)BP Iraq NV2018Rumaila
96Supply of Fittings & ValveDNO Iraq AS2018Kurdistan
97Supply of Spares for Chlorination PackageExxonMobil Iraq2018West Qurna 1
98Suppy of Solenoid Valve - ASCOHunt Oil2018Kurdistan
99Supply of Valve, Strainer & FittingsDNO Iraq AS2018Kurdistan
100Supply of Bulk ValvesDNO Iraq AS2018Kurdistan
101Supply of Spares and Maintenace ToolsWood2017West Qurna 1
102Supply of Positioner ValveBP Iraq NV2017Rumaila
103Supply of Explosion Proof CableHalliburton Iraq2017Basra
104Supply of Victaulic FittingsSupply Express2017Kurdistan
105Supply of ChemicalsKuwait Energy Iraq Limited2017Siba Oil Field
107Supply of SPID Electrical 1ExxonMobil Iraq2017West Qurna 1
108Supply of ValvesBP Iraq NV2017Rumaila
109Supply of SPID FiltersExxonMobil Iraq2017West Qurna 1
110Supply of AC AccessoriesExxonMobil Iraq2017West Qurna 1
111Supply of Victaulic products - Additional ItemsArabian Pipeline Supply FZCO2017Basra
112Supply of Emerson Rectifier moduleAllay Newroz Telecom Group2017Basra
113Supply of Pressure GaugeBP Iraq NV2017Rumaila
114Supply of Explosion Proof CableHalliburton Iraq2017Basra
116Supply of Victaulic products - Additional ItemsArabian Pipeline Supply FZCO2016Basra
117Supply of LaptopWood2016West Qurna 1
118Supply of Honeywell Transmitter SensorWood2016West Qurna 1
119Supply of Search plant Optima PlusWood2016West Qurna 1
120Supply of 1000M x 2-7/8 EUE 8rd Fiber Glass TubingHalliburton Iraq2016Basra
121Supply Of Lifting and Rigging EquipmentBasrah Gas Company2016Khor Al Zubair
122Supply of Valve & ActuatorWood2016West Qurna 1
123Supply of Pressure relief valve with sparesBP Iraq NV2016Rumaila
124Delivery & Unloading Project at Subba FieldMRC Global2016Basra
125Supply of Single ended open jaw spannerBasrah Gas Company2016Khor Al Zubair
126Supply of Stainless Steel EnclosuresExxonMobil Iraq2016West Qurna 1
127Supply of Victaulic products and Grooving services for pipesArabian Pipeline Supply FZCO2016Basra
128Supply of Fiber Glass PipeHalliburton Iraq2015Basra
129Supply of Mechanical ItemsExxonMobil Iraq2015West Qurna 1
130Supply of paint & Industry AdhesiveExxonMobil Iraq2015West Qurna 1
131Supply of Diapharm Pump and AccessoriesExxonMobil Iraq2015West Qurna 1
132Supply of Dupont CylinderExxonMobil Iraq2015West Qurna 1
133Supply of Welding machineExxonMobil Iraq2015West Qurna 1
134Supply of Drilling Fluids (Aluminium Searate)North Oil Company2014Kirkuk
135Supply of Lifting EquipmentBasrah Gas Company2014Khor Al Zubair
136Supply of Emerson Spares PartsPetronas Iraq Garraf Ltd2014Garraf
137Supply of GasketBP Iraq NV2014Rumaila
138Supply of Hart CommunicatorsOryx Petroleum2014Kurdistan
139Supply of Pleated Panel FilterPetrofac International Limited2014Majnoon
140Acid Corrosion InhibitorNorth Oil Company2014Kirkuk
141Supply of Chemical Lab ItemsPetrofac International Limited2014Majnoon
142Supply of TagsBP Iraq NV2014Rumaila
143Supply of Firefighting ProductsHalliburton Iraq2014Basra
144Supply of 24" Weld Neck FlangesBP Iraq NV2014Rumaila
145Supply of Rosemount Pressure TransmitterKalegran Ltd.2014Basra
146Supply of Line Pipe Carbon Steel Seamless Size 4", 6", 8", 24"North Oil Company2014Kirkuk
147Supply of Valve and FittingsBP Iraq NV2014Rumaila
148Supply of Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)BP Iraq NV2014Rumaila
149Supply of Teddington Articulated Expansion JointNorth Oil Company2014Kirkuk
150Supply of Prism Polypropylene TagsBP Iraq NV2014Rumaila
151Supply of K44 General Commissioning EquipmentBP Iraq NV2014Rumaila
152Supply of Casing Accessories for 1 Appraisal WellKalegran Ltd.2014Basra
153Supply of FittingsEni Iraq BV2014Zubair Oil Field
154Supply of Foam PigsGulf Keystone Petroleum International Ltd2014Kurdistan
155Supply of Chandler Lab EquipmentMissan Oil Company2014Basra
156Supply of Cement Anti-Foam AgentNorth Oil Company2014Kirkuk
157Supply of Crossover Ring GaskitsKalegran Ltd.2014Basra
158Supply of Insulation MaterialGulf Keystone Petroleum International Ltd2014Kurdistan
159Supply of Bolts, Studs, Nuts, Hot Dip, & Spun GalBP Iraq NV2014Rumaila
160supply of Fiberglass System - NOV Flowline pipeGulf Keystone Petroleum International Ltd2013Kurdistan
161Supply of Apollo Monitor ArmBP Iraq NV2013Rumaila
162Supply of Casing accessories required for 2 appraisal wellsMOL Hungarian Oil and Gas2013Basra
163Supply of Pump & Constant Level OilerBP Iraq NV2013Rumaila
164Supply of HSE Equipment for CPS2BP Iraq NV2013Rumaila
165Supply of Control Valves ActuatorsSouth Oil Company2013Basra
166Supply of SIBA 7.2 KV FusesPetrofac International Limited2013Majnoon
167Supply of Gaskets & Studbolts - PikotecExxonMobil Iraq2013West Qurna 1
168Supply of Generator SparesBP Iraq NV2013Rumaila
169Supply of Piping Insulation MaterialGulf Keystone Petroleum International Ltd2013Kurdistan
170Supply of Spare Parts for Curtis Rotary Screw Air CompressorNorth Oil Company2013Kirkuk
171Supply of Spare Parts for Retrievable Single Production PackersNorth Oil Company2013Kirkuk
172Supply of Retrievable Single Production PackersNorth Oil Company2013Kirkuk
173Electrical Equipment Spare PartsNorth Oil Company2013Kirkuk
174Supply of Flow line FittingsExxonMobil Iraq2013West Qurna 1
175Supply of Regulator Valve and Level SwitchKalegran Ltd.2013Basra
176Supply of Oil Water ProbeKalegran Ltd.2013Basra
177Supply of Spare parts for GatorsHalliburton Iraq2013Basra
178Supply of Rosemount ProductsKalegran Ltd.2013Basra
179Supply of Ball ValvesExxonMobil Iraq2013West Qurna 1
180Supply of Hose and FittingsBP Iraq NV2012Rumaila
181Supply of HematiteNorth Oil Company2012Kirkuk
182Supply of Flow Line FittingsExxonMobil Iraq2012West Qurna 1
183Supply of Flow Meters for K-44 Pumping StationPetrofac International Limited2012Majnoon
184Supply of Bettis Actuator and Spare PartsNorth Oil Company2012Kirkuk
185Supply of NOV Spare PartsNorth Oil Company2012Kirkuk
186Supply of Instruments BulksBP Iraq NV2012Rumaila
187Supply of Casing AccessoriesNorth Oil Company2012Kirkuk
188Supply of Ball, Gate ValvesExxonMobil Iraq2012West Qurna 1
189Supply of 180m of 40" Non Tender - Conductor PipeGulf Keystone Petroleum International Ltd2012Kurdistan
190Supply of Wagtech Water CirculatorNorth Oil Company2012Kirkuk
191Supply of Pipe FittingsExxonMobil Iraq2012West Qurna 1
192Supply of Revised bid of Gate ValvesExxonMobil Iraq2012West Qurna 1
193Supply of Acid Pump Trailer UnitMissan Oil Company2012Basra
194Supply of Condensate Pump Spare PartsNorth Oil Company2012Kirkuk
195Supply of 10" SMLS PipeNorth Oil Company2012Kirkuk
196Supply of 1000 Ton Class G CementNorth Oil Company2012Kirkuk
197Supply of Coil Tubing UnitNorth Oil Company2012Kirkuk
198Supply of Drill Stem Test ToolsNorth Oil Company2012Kirkuk
199Supply of Spare Parts for Oil Chemical Injection PumpNorth Oil Company2012Kirkuk
200Supply of 5 headed MicroscopeUniversity of Dohuk2012Basra
201Supply of Emerson Bettis ActuatorsNorth Oil Company2012Kirkuk
202Supply of Spring Loaded Safety ValvesNorth Oil Company2012Kirkuk
203Supply of Flowserve Pump Spare PartsNorth Oil Company2012Kirkuk
204Supply of Welding ConsumablesExxonMobil Iraq2012West Qurna 1
205Supply of Blind FlangesPetrofac International Limited2012Majnoon
206Supply of Stud BoltsPetrofac International Limited2012Majnoon
207Supply of Cable Avoidance ToolsPetrofac International Limited2012Majnoon
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