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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

This is a website fully operated and owned by KPS International and the following conditions regulate usage of this site. If you use this site, you are giving complete agreement to these regulations that we may update anytime. To be aware of the latest terms, you shall visit this section of the website. Noone can claim of any kind of client relationship with KPS using the content of this website which is only for informational work.

1. Intellectual Property Rights

The logos, text, audio content, graphics, video clips, images, data compilations, among others, displayed on KPS website is purely the intellectual property of KPS International and is guarded with respective copyrights. You are allowed to store, print or display this information only for personal purposes. You cannot manipulate, publish, distribute and reproduce our copyright content or copies of it, for any other business-related or commercial use. For using the content in this form, you need to obtain proper written permission from KPS. If the website carries any reproduction of trademarks, not falling under KPS’s licensed property on this website will, we assure to acknowledge it.

2. Prohibition

Any type of misuse of the KPS site content is strictly restricted. While accessing this website content, you must not commit or encourage any criminal activity, or should not spread malicious virus or trojan, or promote obscenity and offensive content. During your website usage, you must not create data corruption, infringe anyone user’s rights or deliver any promotional content. If any found to be breaching this provision can be held for a criminal offense and KPS will extend complete assistance and support to the concerned authorities to conduct the investigation in the same regard. KPS doesn’t hold any liability for any loss or damage due to any virus attack or technologically hazardous content that infected the computer, device, data or software while the website or other associated site usage.

3. Disclaimer of Liability

The KPS website content or materials is not devoid of inaccuracies or errors of any type. Your use of this website is an indirect acknowledgment of these unknown errors and acceptance of the fact that KPS cannot be held liable for it. KPS is not liable for any form of dissatisfaction related to the products and services usage.

4. Indemnity

When a person uses this website, he/she consents to indemnify KPS, its directors, officers, agents, employees and others from the third-party claims, damages, or liabilities that has resulted out of your usage of this site or any other linked websites.

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